Boost Your Business by Investing in the Right Domain Names

Diana Ratliff
Diana Ratliff
Domain Expert

Domain names establish your identity on the Internet – in fact, the web revolves around domains!

Develop instant trust and credibility by using highly relevant domain names for your various promotions and product lines. 

Your domain name is the most valuable piece of internet “real estate” you can own. A website can be replaced; a domain name can not.

And “premium” domains can be a great investment because, much like real estate, they often appreciate in value over time.

What is a Premium domain?

A premium domain refers to a domain name that has been previously registered and is now being offered for sale or auction. (Often referred to as an “expired” domain.)

These domain names are often of high value due to their age, unique and memorable characters, existing backlinks and search engine reputation, or because they are exact match domains (EMDs) for popular keywords.

Premium domains are often acquired by businesses and individuals for the purpose of establishing a strong online presence, improving branding and search engine optimization, and as a potential investment opportunity.

Examples of premium domains include “”, “”, and “”.

It is often very smart to look at existing domains when creating your business website – and remember, your domain name does not have to match your business name.

Why Use More Than One Domain for Your Business?

It’s simple. Missed opportunities. Missed site traffic. Missed INCOME!

Multiple domains allow you to:

  • Have your content show up in more searches.
    If prospective customers don’t already search for you by name, they will probably search using keywords related to your business.
    If someone is looking for a plastic surgeon in Tulsa, they’re much more likely to respond when they see the domain name “”.You can also create microsites for specific products or services and link them back to your main website.
  • Track the success of individual marketing and advertising campaigns.
    Using a different domain for social media or offline promotional use (such as a radio ad), allows you to track exactly where the traffic came from and how you acquired a customer.

    For example, if you sell furniture in Dallas and you want to promote a sale, instead of saying “Go to”, you could use a shorter, specific, easy-to-remember domain like
  • Reap the benefits of domains that already have site visitors or backlinks.
    Buy secondary “expired” domains and permanently  “redirect” them to your main site. With redirects, all of the rankings from the secondary domains to your primary one will boost overall rankings in search. (Redirects are easy to set up.)
  • Shut out your competitors.
    If you’re not using a great keyword-focused domain that really describes what your customers want, odds are a competitor will use it.
  • Redirect to Social Media.
    You can redirect a specific domain name to your Facebook Page, your Etsy profile, your Google Maps listing, or anything you want. Gives people an easy way to find your profile on those services, which is especially handy if they are updated more often than your website.

You May Be Losing a LOT of Website Traffic

By not implementing a multi-domain strategy for your business, you are absolutely losing a boatload of web traffic and therefore lots of potential new clients and customers.

Even worse, your loss usually is to the benefit of your competition. Not only are you not generating that extra business, but a large percentage of the available prospect pool is landing on your competitor’s sites instead. A double whammy.

Good domain names go a long way toward generating traffic to your website, attracting new clients before your competitors do, and building your reputation. That, in turn, will result in more customers and far better sales.

Contact me if you’re interested in one of the domains I have for sale, or if you’d like help finding a good one!